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Find everything you need to launch a new brand or further develop an established brand under one roof! We do it all – Branding, Websites and SEO, Social Media, Writing and PR, Video… ALL types of content creation for your marketing and advertising needs!

Carve your niche and develop a highly targeted audience for your brand. Focus your efforts on those that relate most to your product or organization and get the most bang for your buck.

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Turn your ideas into a solid, tangible brand identity. At Ludicrous Agency, we love a good challenge. We’ve worked with as little as “Hey – I have this really great product, but no idea what to call it.” Great! Let our team get their hands on it and develop a story your target market can get behind.

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Website Design

Building an online presence is essential in modern marketing. How customers find and interact with your brand is completely reliant on your website presentation. Create a contemporary desktop AND mobile experience your customers are certain to love, again and again.

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Social Media

Elevate your digital channels of communication and build an organic following. Utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach targeted audiences and build a community.

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Don’t let your message get lost amongst the stars. With properly enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website will move up the ranks in standard search engines.

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Writing & PR

Good copy isn’t contrived, it is developed naturally to make a genuine statement. We impeccably establish your public tone and voice through writing.

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How do you stand out amongst the saturated market? Attention spans are decreasing, and to grab your audience’s attention, you have to get to the point. Strong video production can excel your brand content into a new level of marketing.

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Content Creation

With a great brand, comes great content to share online. Ludicrous Agency can collect and produce high-quality content to be shared across all digital and print publications. Product, lifestyle, event photography and video are gold when it comes to content creation.

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Thinking of launching your brand? Consider launching an equity or non-equity crowdfunding campaign! Build a complete product brand identity, online presence, and product awareness, all while raising capital. Let Ludicrous Agency be your one-stop-shop for everything crowdfunding.

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Once you have found your niche, grow your targeted audience and build an ongoing relationship. Constantly put your name out there for people to see, recognize, understand, and believe in.

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