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Ludicrous Tips for Publishing Your Press Release

Our 8 Tips for Effectively Writing and Publishing Your Press Release That Gets Results

Ludicrous Tips for Publishing Your Press Release

While the internet has changed many things and continues to hold the promise that anyone can publish a press release, promote it to a wider audience and reap abundant benefits, these things are frequently untrue.

There is a reason why men and women spend years learning how to research and write an effective press release and identify media targets, along with ensuring appropriate input before publishing. Experience matters as with all things in business and life. Public Relations is a highly skilled profession and is not something that anyone with a keyboard and subject matter expertise can or even should be expected to deliver effectively simply by writing and submitting an online press release.

Let’s say you go ahead and write a press release and get it approved within your organization. Then comes the need for those all-important contacts in the publishing industry, that is, if you expect to get your release distributed and picked up by related industry publications.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that just because you can do something, you should. While you may save a few bucks by not hiring a PR professional, it’s unlikely you will get the impactful results you need or expect. In fact, a well-written press release that earns you an interview and placement in a high-value publication can easily surpass the cost of professional PR support. Not to mention the impressive value and credibility of third-party endorsement that media coverage can bring to your business and story. And those media contacts that take years to develop who share your story on their publications are also priceless. You may also want to keep in mind that a poorly written and ill-conceived press release can also hurt your business, and that release won’t go away once posted to the internet.

However, for those of you who still want to go it on your own, here are a few pointers that the Ludicrous Agency PR pros consider when they go to work on your behalf:



The story you plan to tell should be newsworthy to the target audience you are appealing to with your press release. When we write a release relating to launching a new product or service, we focus on the innovation and how it can make a difference in people’s lives. If there is a great story around how the invention or company was conceived and developed, we share those details as well. If it’s local, we keep it local and if it’s global we take extra care in considering how other cultures may perceive the news and benefit as well. Staying abreast of the news and tying your story to timely trends is another effective tactic in uncovering media opportunities.


We believe it’s important to create a media list that includes the publications and reporters you feel are most likely to cover your story, along with those who are most effective in reaching your target audience. Active PR requires direct communication and strategic outreach to reporters on a sustained basis. Never spam a list of reporters if you expect to be taken seriously.


Once you have your press release written and you have created your media target list, it’s time to develop your personalized pitch. Consider the publications with whom you want to share your story and keep in mind who they perceive their audience to be. You wouldn’t pitch a camping magazine the same way you pitch a tech publication if you hope to receive coverage. At Ludicrous Agency, we know the reporters we plan to pitch, as well as what they specialize in covering within their publications. If you connect and things go well, they may be a future source of coverage when you’re ready with your next press release.


Your press releases can be published in print, shared on the radio, television, the internet or across all media. We use a professional press release distribution service, PR Newswire, that has the potential to reach hundreds of publications with a large audience running into the tens of millions. Some of these publications are also feeders for other publications, so your release distribution will likely grow beyond the initial list of recipients. You will also get some very helpful and detailed reports to gauge your release impact and success.


If the media turns down one of our pitches, we don’t get upset. While you may believe you have a great story, some media may not be interested. There are many reasons this may be the case, some of which may be your product and others may include poor timing, a reporter already covered your company or a similar product, just to name a few. Take media rejection gracefully, keep their information on file and reach out again in the future when you have something new to share. You may just get a different response next time around.


Unsupported claims in press releases are a killer. If you don’t have the facts, don’t make them up. Don’t be the creator of Fake News. Reporters put their credibility on the line with every story, and they expect you to be honest and accurate when you are providing fact-based information.


When we write a release, we include words and word groupings that are popular search terms when people Google your company or product/service category. You can also link your article to your website to gain further visibility and lead the reader to the bigger story of what you have to offer and much more.


We strive to help you come across as a professional, not an amateur. When your business publishes a well-written press release with newsworthy announcements, you will gain considerably more credibility. This is true for early-stage companies, as well as established businesses. A well-executed press release, delivered through the appropriate publications can also be very important in gaining greater brand awareness.

If after reading and considering these tips you would like professional help, drop us an email here at Ludicrous Agency, and let’s talk. Our Public Relations team brings years of experience and incredible results.

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