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Turn your ideas into a solid, tangible brand identity. At Ludicrous Agency, we love a good challenge. We’ve worked with as little as “Hey – I have this really great product, but no idea what to call it.” Great! Let our team get their hands on it and develop a story your target market can get behind.
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In the most simple of definitions, a brand is a particular kind of type of something. It is a logo, a promise, a naming convention, a tagline. Most importantly, it is the way you feel when you encounter the product or service and realize the experience.

Let us help research and develop your brand to craft your perfect brand. Let the most important massages shine when presented to your target customers, clients, and community.

Research & Development
Focus Groups
Brand Messaging
Campaign Design
Brand Identity
Logo Design
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Ludicrous Agency can get your product from a scribble of an idea to full on brand identity complete with a story, logo, and brand guidelines.

A brand is no longer what we
tell the consumer it is

it is what consumers tell each other it is

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Our approach speaks to consumers who demand creative ideas, compelling stories and stunning images that provoke conversations, infect culture and disrupt norms. We call these Ludicrous things.