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About Us
At Ludicrous Agency, we're all about exceptional creative, with process driven execution. Located in the heart of Orange County California, we are a full service marketing agency with the goal to get you LUDICROUS results!
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Story About Us
We truly enjoy working with like-minded people, entrepreneurs and companies. We never stop looking for and welcoming exciting projects that bring with them meaningful new relationships. Our passion for building brands is Ludicrous! In the simplest of definitions, we see a brand as a particular type of something. It is a logo, a promise, a naming convention, a tag line - but most importantly, it’s the way you feel when you come across the product or service and realize the experience.
Video Vibes
In an increasingly media driven world, it is no longer an option to go without the best videos. Let Ludicrous Agency absorb the message and vision of your product and create a viral campaign, compelling your audience to become a loyal customer to your brand.

Our Team

Our people are nothing short of AMAZING!
Just ask our moms.
Mark Thimmig Chairman and CEO Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
Mark Thimmig
Chairman, CEO

Industry expert and thought leader in launching new brands and products along with raising capital through crowdfunding.

George Pappas Senior Director of Public Relations Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
George Pappas
Senior Director of PR

George is a leading PR executive with over 25 years of experience with extensive media contacts.

Mark Steven
VP Global Business Development

With his years of experience behind him, Mark specializes in his field of commerce. Developing relationships and helping companies succeed.

David Cusick Senior Videographer and Photography Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
David Cusick
Senior Video & Photography

David is a genius behind the camera and in the editing studio. His work is captivating and effective.

Jordan Thimmig Lead Developer Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
Jordan Thimmig
Lead Developer

Jordan is masterful in his use of coding and technology to support design with functionality.

Claudia Bautista Graphic Designer Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
Claudia Bautista
Graphic Designer

Highly skilled, hardworking, and spirited personality, Claudia produces exceptional designs and out of the box ideas.

Ryan Thimmig Marketing Manager Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
Ryan Thimmig
Marketing Manager

Ryan is an enthusiastic leader when it comes to creating new marketing directions for a variety of clients.

Andres Vaca
Public Relations

Andres turns your ideas into expertly written material

James Bell
Public Relations

James is able to effectively communicate a company’s brand in a positive, authentic way through Social Media.

Trevor Misch
Public Relations

Trevor can understand a client's messaging and angle to create professional written material

Andrew Giron
Social Media & Video

Andrew is able to effectively communicate a company’s brand in a positive, authentic way through video.

Molly Cuneca

Molly researches the latest trends to help make your company a success.

Adrian Mamaril
Customer Service Associate

Adrian communicates effectively with clients and guides them every step of the way.

Rudy Adame
Graphic Designer

Rudy works closely with each client understanding their needs to later on develop unique graphics.

Bobby Bunnett
Video Production Assistant

Have a story to tell? Bobby will help you convey your story through video.