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9 Simple Tips for Ludicrous YouTube Channel Growth

A few tips for creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations of all sizes that will help you leverage the amazing power of the world’s largest search engine and grow your YouTube channel.

9 Simple Tips for Ludicrous YouTube Channel Growth

While we are thrilled to see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms adding video capabilities, YouTube still reigns supreme in the world of video. It’s been said many times and proven that across the globe, people of all ages spend a billion hours every day watching videos.

So here are a few tips for creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations of all sizes that will help you leverage the amazing power of the world’s largest search engine and grow your YouTube channel.

1. Focus on One Topic

Start by considering the topic you want to address and create a list of the key words related to your topic. Then check those key words to see what kind of traffic they are getting and what else has been published that relates to your topic. While it is sometimes appropriate to deliver something totally new and previously not searched for, you will most likely be more successful in creating a video that is on a topic people are searching for actively.

Using key words to help you create your script will keep you on subject and ensure you record a more SEO rich program. is a nice, simple to use, free website that will help identify the most searched keywords relating to your topic.

2. Titles and Descriptions are Road Signs

Optimizing your title and description will help you rank highly on YouTube. All that is needed is to write an informative and creative title with the best ranking key words drawn from your video. Descriptions can be more detailed and should also contain ranking key words. Let the viewer know in a few sentences what you plan to share in your video. Hook them, and they will tune in.

3. Thumbnails Set You Apart

Most people overlook the value of thumbnails as a way to attract viewers. Thumbnails are easy to make with minimal desktop editing experience required.

Beyond a great title and key word rich description, thumbnails are a powerful way to grab viewers. Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it was never so true in the case of well-designed thumbnails.
Consider using effects such as large text, bold colors, highlighted or magnified areas, arrows pointing to other places in the image, items called out, and the unexpected.

4. Channel Tags and Video Tags

The one area that we see most often badly neglected is both channel tags and video tags. Channel tags, along with a proper channel description, are very important in the battle for ranking. Take time to fully complete your channel description and use every allowable key word to get your channel to the top of search rankings when the key words that best describe your channel are searched.

When it comes to your video, YouTube offers you the opportunity to select up to 500 characters to include key words that help people searching for YouTube videos find you. You should include the title of your video, along with every keyword you believe is relevant to your content. A great tool that will save you time and ensure the best key words are selected is VidIQ. Once you add all your key words, check back from time-to-time and update keywords that may not be performing as well as you hoped.

5. Don’t Forget the YouTube Cards and End Screens

YouTube helps promote channels that have longer average watch times. This helps improve the odds for YouTube to gain revenue due to ads that play in relation to your video.

Check your YouTube video analytics to see the exact point where users abandon your video. When striving for optimal retention, this is often a good place to add a YouTube Card and give the viewer an opportunity to watch another video that you are recommending on your channel. Retention also plays an important role in how your videos rank on YouTube.

6. Build and Manage Your Playlists

As your video ends, YouTube will show a list of recommended videos for the user to watch next. Some videos are typically yours, and others are from different channels.

Building a playlist helps to queue up the next video in that playlist when a user starts watching a video, thereby improving the odds that the viewer will remain on your channel watching your videos.

7. Engage Your Audience in YouTube Comments

YouTube rewards channels in their rankings with high engagement which includes: watch time, overall time spent on a channel, like/dislike ratio, and comments on your video.

The comment section is where you can engage with your users by responding to their comments. By interacting with comments, you will encourage more engagement and help your subscribers get to know you or your company. The more engaged a specific user is with your channel, the more likely he or she will frequent your channel.

While each person has their own style, in many cases humor is a great way to keep things light and connect with the broader audience who may be sitting on the sidelines and observing your exchanges.

8. Use YouTube Sub-Confirmation to Rapidly Grow Subscribers

Don’t just share your channel link when you can use this simple and effective way to rapidly grow your subscriber base. Creating and sharing your channel by way of a Sub-Confirmation Link is much better and only takes a few minutes to create.

Step 1: Start by going to your channel. Copy your channel link from the search bar at the top.
Step 2: Add the following text to the end of your channel link: ?sub_confirmation=1
Step 3: Now copy the new link and go to Google URL Shortener ( paste in the full link.
Step 4: Google will give you the new short link that you can now use when referring people to your channel from your website, AdWords promotions, or other social media.

The link will show visitors a YouTube Popup with the option to immediately subscribe to your channel. This is a simple and amazing way to rapidly add new subscribers.

9. Post Consistently and Frequently

If you want your channel to grow in both subscribers and views, you will need to post your videos on a consistent schedule. Pick the day or days of the week and time of day you feel is best and stick to the schedule when posting your videos.

When viewers realize that you are providing new content frequently, they will subscribe and keep coming back. So when you are deciding how you will create your content (equipment, location, support, etc.) and how long your videos will be, keep in mind that you need to publish frequently.

If you would like assistance in building your YouTube channel or in developing new programing, reach out to our team. At Ludicrous Agency, we get insanely great results!

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