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4 Writing Techniques We Use To Strengthen Our Ludicrous Brands

A product is only as good as the words used to sell it.

4 Writing Techniques We Use To Strengthen Our Ludicrous Brands

A product is only as good as the words used to sell it. As potential customers sift through the glut of advertisements thrown at them each day, they often become disillusioned with them. Here at Ludicrous Agency, we try to break through that cynicism to introduce potential patrons to products that they can not only purchase, but connect with. That’s where we come in. When we write the scripts for our videos, we use four key techniques as ways to reel in viewers and hold their attention all the way to the call to action.

The Personal Hook

Generally speaking, it’s a little abrupt to jump into talking about the product right away. You need to tantalize an audience’s interest, so that your video feels like more than just a sales pitch. We like to do this by establishing a relatable scenario in which the product in question would be of good use. For example, for Ludicrous’ Sparkbox crowdfunding video, we began by literally saying “it’s a moment we all fear” when referring to a common power outage. Any homeowner can latch onto needing some way to turn the lights back on in a dangerous scenario, which instantly makes out pitch seem like something urgent.

Emphasis on Innovation

People don’t just want to buy another version of what they already have. If they’re going to invest, they need to know that what they’re getting is either something completely new, or a better version of something old. That’s why we always try to throw in phrases like ‘innovative’ or ‘the future of…’ when initially describing the product. It gives it a sense of gravitas. We’re not just presenting something helpful, we’re presenting something new.

A Selfless Product

At Ludicrous, We never want our products to feel like simple cash grabs. The customer needs to believe that the company in question cares about them as not just a walking wallet, but a human being. For example, in the Sparkbox video, we talk about how the product can be used as a portable battery for an electric car. While that’s an attractive feature in itself, it lacks the personal connection that would really take it over the top. That’s why we threw in “so you never have to worry about getting home safe.” Just like any other storytelling process, adding those personal stakes will make a viewer more invested in what they’re seeing. It’s never just about selling them an item, it’s about forging a relationship.

Alliterations and Puns

This technique has become so second nature to us that we’ve even done it a few times in this very post. Alliterations are not only catchy, but they almost always fly off a voice over artists’ tongue eloquently and easily. The same goes for a punny slogan at the end of a video. Obviously, that does come down to the tone the brand would like to bring across, but if they have a more lose view of themselves, it’s a lasting impression that will stick in the viewer’s mind.

Watch the Sparkbox Video Here:

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Michael Fairbanks

Michael is a phenomenal story writer, which is essential for content creation in public relations and video marketing.