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4 Ludicrous Clichés That Advertisers Keep Using

Common trappings that have become so overused that they border on being parodies of themselves.

4 Ludicrous Clichés That Advertisers Keep Using

When trying to create a brand, it is almost impossible not to fall into at least a few well-worn tropes. Advertising is not just art, it’s also science after all, and there are certain methods that just objectively work. However, there are some trappings that have become so overused that they border on being parodies of themselves. It’s important to be wary of these, as they instantly make your branding seem more transparent and even a bit patronizing to a potential customer. Here are a few examples…

“Have you ever wondered?”

This is the advertising version of the classic “in a world…” movie trailer troupe. Everybody knows that when they hear this phrase, somebody is about to sell them something. While establishing a personal connection is critical, there are several more creative ways to present that connection. Find a way to throw the customer headlong into a situation where the product would be needed and make them desperate to know how they can solve a problem they may not have even known they had.

Style Over Substance

Many videos often get really caught up with flashing the product before our eyes with crazy VFX and graphics. While these are certainly effective tools, a little goes a long way. Never forget to provide a clear explanation of what the product actually does and how it works. It seems obvious, but so many videos get preoccupied with being showy that they forget to inform.

Corny Re-Enactments

We’ve all seen a million terrible infomercials in our lives, and one of the key facets to those are the re-enactments. Clumsy, awkward actors strain themselves trying to make the competition to your product look ineffective. Often, new product videos fall into a similar trap when leading up to their product demonstration. It’s the easy way out, but people see right through it. With the advances in video technology that anybody has access too, there is no excuse to not attempt a more creative way to introduce your product. Think of it less as an advertisement than a short story and find the most inventive way to present that story.

Entrepreneur Interview

If somebody creates a product, you can bet that they may want to be the face of it. If you’re not careful, this can lead to a video that becomes more about them than the product itself. Often times, the founder is not quite as charismatic on camera as they think they are, often getting stuck by going on and on about background information that isn’t relevant to the product, or by adding on details that the customer does not need to know. It can make the video come off as a vein exercise in self-promotion. Obviously, there are exceptions to this. If your brand has a truly exceptional founder with screen presence and concise thoughts, absolutely incorporate them. However, if they’re trying to hijack their own content, it may be time to mediate.

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