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At Ludicrous Agency we have no respect for the status quo! We live to build great esports brands along with launching new mobile and esports brands and products. It’s the so-called crazy people whose initial ideas were once considered ludicrous that truly change the world for the better. We just think differently!

In the most simple of definitions, we see a brand as a particular kind of type of something. It is a logo, a promise, a naming convention, a tagline – but most importantly it’s the way you feel when you come across the product or service and realize the experience.

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At Ludicrous Agency we help you with the research and development working closely with you to craft the important messages you want to tell your customers, clients, investors, and community. Our mobile gaming focus groups will help you identify the things you need to do to have a successful game.

Learn About Our Services
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We become co-creators with your team to create a champion brand
George Pappas Senior Director of Public Relations Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
George Pappas
Senior Director of PR

George is a leading PR executive with over 25 years of experience with extensive media contacts.

Jordan Thimmig Lead Developer Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
Jordan Thimmig
Lead Developer

Jordan is masterful in his use of technology to support design, form, and function.

Claudia Bautista Graphic Designer Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
Claudia Bautista
Graphic Designer

Highly skilled, hardworking, and spirited personality, Claudia produces exceptional designs and out of the box ideas.

David Cusick Senior Videographer and Photography Ludicrous Agency in Orange County, California
David Cusick
Video & Photography

David is brilliant behind the camera, and his work is captivating and effective.

Global Client Support
Our marketing team lives to launch new brands and products with intensity and imagination! When good is not enough and you need INSANELY GOOD, that's LUDICROUS!
About the Ludicrous Agency Team
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